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Have you been accused of possessing indecent images?

You’re probably feeling confused, isolated and humiliated at the moment. Allegations of possessing indecent images are hugely damaging to your mental health and your relationships with those closest to you. The best way to limit that damage is to fight the child pornography claims being made against you in a way that brings the matter to a successful conclusion as quickly as possible. That’s where our indecent images solicitors can help you.
We have an experienced team of indecent images solicitors in Leeds, who are ready to represent you and help defend you against the allegations of possessing indecent images. Our solicitors have a record of helping other clients who, like you, have found themselves caught up in this complicated aspect of law and suffered an embarrassing intrusion into their private lives. We have a strong record of securing acquittals and other positive outcomes for those we represent in indecent images cases and other sexual offences cases.
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Why choose our indecent images solicitors to defend you?

We are able to guide you through the entire process of a complex indecent images investigation, from advising you during police interviews through to defending you in court. You will talk to legal professionals with the knowledge to advise you on the specifics of your case and help you to formulate the best defence for your circumstances and the evidence against you.
Our Leeds indecent images solicitors are able to provide you with twin expertise. Our team includes specialist sexual offences solicitors, who are vastly experienced in defending clients accused of possessing indecent images and other child pornography charges, such as distributing Indecent Images and producing indecent images.

Our team of child pornography lawyers also includes cybercrime solicitors, who specialise in the technical aspects that are central to many indecent images cases. They will investigate all evidence relating to your device in order to find details that strengthen your defence or call into question the prosecution’s version of events.

Technology is often key in indecent images cases, which means your phone, laptop and other devices may be seized and withheld for long periods of time. We know this can have damaging consequences for your professional life and your ability to use many of the online services that are essential in modern life. With that in mind, we will advise you on your rights in relation to seized property. The earlier we are involved in your case, the greater the impact our indecent images solicitors can have on minimising disruption to your life.

We will also call upon some of the best barristers available to bolster your defence and provide further expertise as we find the best strategy to fight the allegations you are facing.
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Which indecent images charges are you facing?

Whatever the indecent images allegations you are facing, our criminal defence solicitors will be by your side to present your case and ensure your account is heard. The seriousness of the indecent images charges against you mainly depend on two factors. The first is the category of the images in question. Indecent images are categorised as A, B or C, with A being considered the most serious and C being the least serious.

Secondly, indecent images charges are generally broken down according to the prosecutions allegations of your involvement with the photographs. Are you accused of making the images, distributing them or simply possessing them? Production of indecent images is considered more serious than possession of indecent images, so making category A photographs is the most serious indecent images offence and is likely to result in the lengthiest sentence.

Indecent images allegations are usually prosecuted under one of these two charges:

Possession of an indecent photograph of a child

This charge, which covers indecent photographs or pseudo photographs of a child, is an offence under the Criminal Justice Act 1998. Our indecent images solicitors have considerable experience of defending those accused of this offence.

Why have you been charged with possession of an indecent photograph of a child?

Police have uncovered evidence that they claim shows you were in possession of one or more indecent photographs of a child. This is usually, but not necessarily, in electronic form on a computer, phone or other device. The Crown Prosecution Service has decided that the evidence presented by police meets the threshold required in order for you to be charged with possession of an indecent photograph or pseudo photograph of a child.

What can you expect after being charged with possession of an indecent photograph of a child?

This offence is triable either way, which means it could be heard at a magistrates’ court or the Crown Court. Where your case is eventually heard is likely to depend on the nature of the images alleged to be in your possession. If the case goes to Crown Court, the prosecution and defence will each present their cases to the jury. The jury will then give its verdict and, if you are found guilty, a judge will sentence you. For cases that are deemed to be less serious, your hearing may take place in full at a magistrates’ court, with a district judge responsible for delivering a verdict and sentence.

Can I go to jail for possession of an indecent photograph of a child?

Yes, possession of an indecent photograph of a child carries a maximum sentence of three years’ imprisonment. In the most serious cases – which usually relate to images involving penetration, sadism or animals – the maximum prison sentence might apply. Previous convictions for similar offences are considered to be aggravating factors, as are the age of the child depicted, the volume of images possessed and the period over which the images were possessed.

Taking, making, distributing and sharing an indecent photograph of a child

This is the more serious of the two charges most commonly defended by our indecent images solicitors in Leeds. This offence under the Protection of Children Act 1978 relates to allegations of creating or publishing child pornography. This is an even more concerning allegation since making and distributing is considered to be a more serious crime than possession and therefore the potential sentences are greater if you are found guilty.

Why have you been charged with taking, making, distributing and sharing an indecent photograph of a child?

The allegation is that you made and/or distributed child pornography. This includes computer generated images that are intended to look like real photographs. You can be charged with distribution if you distributed the images or if you had them in your possession with the intention of distributing them. Making or taking an image relates to the production of child pornography. A charge of this nature will allege that you were involved in making the original image at source.

What can you expect after being charged with taking, making, distributing and sharing an indecent photograph of a child?

A charge of this nature indicates that police believe they have found indecent images in your possession and believe that you have or intended in the future to distribute them, or have uncovered evidence that you created the image or images in question. Having presented this evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service, the investigating officers have been authorised to charge you with the offence because the evidence against you meets the required threshold.

Your case could be dealt with by a magistrates’ court or in the Crown Court. The likelihood is that more serious cases, particularly those involving production, will go to the Crown Court to be heard by a judge and jury. The jury will deliver a verdict and, if you are found guilty, you will be sentenced by the judge.

Can I go to jail for taking, making, distributing and sharing an indecent photograph of a child?

Yes, the offence carries a maximum sentence of 10 years’ imprisonment for the most serious cases. Any instance of producing an indecent image is punishable by a minimum of one year’s imprisonment.

A custodial sentence is also highly likely for distribution of child pornography. While some offences – for instance, when there is small volume of images that are not of the most serious type – might result in a community order, even in these cases the starting point for sentencing is six months’ imprisonment.

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