Criminal Defence

Do you need criminal defence solicitors in Leeds?

If you have been charged with or accused of committing a crime in the Leeds area, you will need good criminal solicitors to defend you against those allegations. At Criminal Law Solicitors, we do more than just advise you on your case. We take a proactive approach to criminal defence, working hard to get the case against you dismissed and not simply waiting for the prosecution to build their evidence against you
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Why choose us as your criminal solicitors?

We are one of the largest firms of criminal defence lawyers in the UK. As such, we have the experience, expertise and resources to bring your case to a successful conclusion. We have been providing the highest quality of criminal defence to our clients for more than 30 years. During that time, we have built up vast knowledge of defending criminal offences of every type.

What will our criminal defence lawyers do for you?

We get to know your circumstances, requirements and preferences so that we can provide all the help you need at every stage of the process. You will never feel like you are fighting the allegations against you alone with us on your side. You can contact our criminal defence lawyers in Leeds whenever you need us: 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And contact will not be a one-way street: we will keep you informed of any developments.

The work we carry out on your behalf is about doing everything in our powers to secure the best possible outcome for you. That means exploring every detail of the case against you to find any possible grounds for the case being dropped. We will also ensure that inadmissible evidence is challenged and that evidence that will help your defence is properly recorded and given the prominence it deserves. Together, we will study the evidence against you and find weaknesses in it.

We will start to collect further evidence and interview witnesses to support your case. Although we are Leeds criminal defence solicitors, we will travel beyond West Yorkshire to anywhere in the world we need to go to ensure the criminal investigation against you is fair and to gather information that will help bring your case to the best possible outcome.

In short, we will do anything we can to strengthen your defence and weaken the prosecution’s case against you.
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

What offences can our criminal defence solicitors defend you against?

Our experienced criminal defence solicitors have defended clients against allegations of offences of every possible type over the past three decades. From the most minor allegation of common assault through to murder cases, we have the expertise to start taking preventative measures on your behalf from our very first involvement.
Whether the case against you is trivial or of the most serious nature, your criminal defence solicitor will show the same level of dedication to bringing it to the best conclusion for your interests.
Some of the criminal charges we defend clients against include:

Armed Robbery

Our criminal solicitors have represented thousands of people accused of armed robbery and robbery. From street robberies through to the most serious armed robbery cases, we will defend you in a forthright manner that limits the impact the allegations have on your life, including finding expert witness evidence to challenge the evidence on which the prosecution case is built.

Conspiracy Charges

Conspiracy charges, which are governed by the Criminal Law Act 1977, often result in serious and complex prosecutions. Our criminal defence solicitors focus on the prosecution's evidence in these cases. We explore the nature and strength of the prosecution strategy in order to begin building a strong, compelling and believable defence against it.

Conspiracy to Murder

If you are facing a conspiracy to murder charge it means the prosecution intends to show that you were involved in an express, implied or assumed agreement with others, and that you had an intention to murder or cause very serious injury. Our criminal defence solicitors have secured more than 40 acquittals in conspiracy to murder and related cases.


Our cybercrime solicitors specialise in fighting allegations of compute misuse, online fraud and other cybercrime offences. You can read more about how we will defend you against cybercrime accusations on our Cybercrime page.

Death by Dangerous Driving

A charge of death by dangerous driving or death by careless driving might have arisen if you were involved in a road traffic collision in which someone died. Our criminal defence lawyers defend death by dangerous driving allegations by exploring the evidence against you, and challenging evidence that we believe is inadmissible, was obtained unlawfully or is based on unreliable or dishonest witness testimony.

Drug Offences

Our expert drugs solicitors in Leeds will defend you against any drugs allegations you are facing. You can read more about how we will defend you against drugs accusations on our Drug Offences page.


Our extradition lawyers will help you to fight European Arrest Warrants or extradition to non-EU countries. We will use our widespread knowledge of extradition law to minimise the chances of you being extradited and bring your case to the best possible conclusion.

Firearms Offences

Are you accused of firearms offences? If so, talk to our firearms solicitors, who have vast experience of building effective defence cases against allegations of possession of a firearm or ammunition without a lawful certificate, possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life, and possession of a firearm or imitation firearm with intent to cause fear or violence.


We have a team of specialist fraud solicitors dedicated to defending clients who are facing fraud charges. This includes defences against charges of fraud by false representation, conspiracy to defraud, VAT fraud and various other fraud offences. You can read more about how we will defend you against fraud accusations on our Fraud page.

Grievous Bodily Harm

Our criminal defence lawyers are specialists in defending grievous bodily harm prosecutions. We will look for flaws in the prosecution's case against you and gather our own evidence about the circumstances in which you needed to use violence.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking cases are often complex. Our criminal defence lawyers will carefully examine the prosecution's case against you, and contest any evidence gathered unlawfully or from unreliable witnesses. We will also work to quickly secure defence evidence that supports your explanation, and instruct forensic analysts and other expert witnesses who can provide evidence in your defence.

Indecent Images

Have you been accused of possession of indecent images, distributing indecent images or producing indecent images? Our criminal defence solicitors will fight the allegations against you in a way that minimises the impact on your life. You can read more about how we will defend you against indecent images accusations on our Indecent Images page.

Sexual Offences

Our sexual offences solicitors have a strong record of securing acquittals for clients accused of sexual offences. You can read more about how we will defend you against allegations of sexual offences on our Sexual Offences page.

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How do we build your defence?

If the circumstances of your case allow, we will use the worst-case scenario as our starting position. From there, we work backwards to find any weaknesses in your case and address them as we go. When we get back to the best possible outcome for you, we will have a strong defence that accounts for the allegations against you and any evidence that prosecutors might use against you. We can also call upon one of the talented barristers with whom we work closely to bring an extra level of expertise

Do I need a barrister?

For more serious criminal offences – those that carry the threat of lengthy jail sentences – it makes sense to have as much legal support as possible to help your defence. Often that means having both forms of criminal defence lawyers in your corner: solicitors and barristers.

Our criminal defence solicitors have close relationships with barristers we regularly instruct to help our clients. They bring their own expertise and a fresh perspective to cases, and we will engage them to work on your case if it is in your interests for us to do so.
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Will I get free criminal defence solicitors?

Your initial consultation will be free and we will represent you for free at a police station when you’re being questioned. If you are charged and the case progresses, you may still be entitled to free solicitors. This will depend on whether you are entitled to legal aid.

To be eligible for legal aid, you must demonstrate that you would not otherwise have the financial means to pay for the criminal defence you need.

Get in touch for a free consultation with our criminal defence solicitors in Leeds.

We are here to support you as you fight the allegations made against you. That starts from our first consultation, which is free of charge. You can arrange to meet us in person, by video call or over the telephone — whichever you prefer.