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Our Leeds criminal defence solicitors are ideally placed to defend you if you are being investigated by West Yorkshire Police or a neighbouring force.

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We have been defending people facing criminal charges for more than 30 years. In that time, we have built up a wealth of criminal defence know-how, which we can apply to your case.

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Experienced Criminal Defence Lawyers in Leeds

Criminal Law Solicitors are a team of Leeds criminal defence lawyers. We have been successfully defending clients facing criminal allegations for more than 30 years. Over that period of time, we have achieved scores of high-profile acquittals and many more positive outcomes for those we have represented. We defend those in need of criminal solicitors in Leeds, which means we are ideally placed to represent you at Leeds Combined Court Centre, whether you need a solicitor for a hearing at Leeds Magistrates’ Court or to help you prepare for a trial at Leeds Crown Court. But we also defend clients appearing in court elsewhere in West Yorkshire and further afield. The results we achieve for our clients – and which would like to achieve for you, if you give us the opportunity to do so – are testament to our experience, our fierce commitment to winning cases, and also to our structure of teams of specialist criminal solicitors.

Specialist criminal defence solicitors Why our solicitors have specialisms.

At Criminal Law Solicitors, we do things a bit differently from most criminal defence solicitors in Leeds. We build teams of solicitors who have specialist knowledge in a particular area of law. These areas of specialism align with the main areas of criminal law in which we defend clients:

helping you is our duty

Simply, we believe that this approach is what gives you the strongest defence and the best chance of securing a successful conclusion to your case.

Why do we build teams of specialist criminal defence solicitors for each of those areas of law? Simply, we believe that this approach is what gives you the strongest defence and the best chance of securing a successful conclusion to your case.

Whatever the allegations you are facing, when you instruct Criminal Law Solicitors you know you will have in your corner a team of solicitors specialising in defending cases of that nature. So, if you are accused of fraud, you get fraud lawyers defending you; if you are accused of drug offences, you get drugs solicitors defending you.

Your criminal defence solicitor will be an expert in defending clients against charges of the kind you are facing. They deal with similar cases day in, day out. As such, they have unrivalled knowledge of possible defence strategies and options for bringing your case to a swift conclusion.

What if my case doesn’t fall within one of the specialisms?

We also have a team of criminal defence solicitors. They focus on cases that don’t fall within the remit of any of our specialist teams. That might include offences such as death by dangerous driving, conspiracy to murder, grievous bodily harm and armed robbery. With our teams of specialists handling all fraud, drugs, cybercrime, indecent images and sexual offences, our criminal defence solicitors are able to build up their own knowledge and expertise within the remaining criminal cases we handle. Given that the vast majority of cases we deal with do fall within one of the specialisms, our criminal defence team has considerable experience in defending the other offences.

“Liberty is the right to do what the law permits.”


A team of experts in your corner

The other advantage to our approach of creating teams around specific areas of criminal law is that you do not just have one criminal defence solicitor working on your case. With a team of specialists in your corner, you get the combined benefit of all their experience and knowledge. Your criminal defence solicitors can cover lots of ground very quickly by pursuing several lines of enquiry at the same time. You also get continuity, even if one member of your criminal defence team is out of the office.

How our criminal solicitors work

The approach of our criminal defence solicitors is to be a thorn in the side of the prosecution at every stage of the process in order to bring the case against you to a close at the earliest possible opportunity. In order to achieve that, we do not simply wait around to see what evidence the prosecution presents before a trial. We are proactive in finding and preserving evidence that supports your side of the story. Your case will be afforded unswerving attention to detail. We will follow evidence that will help your case wherever it takes us. That means travelling anywhere in the world you need us to go, but also calling upon our network of legal experts in fields such as mobile phone technology, computer analysis, forensic accountancy, international law, forensic science, medicine and accident reconstruction. We maintain close relationships with experts whose evidence will demonstrate your credibility in court and help to persuade a jury that you are telling the truth.

Your solicitor will not only focus on gathering and generating evidence to support your defence, but also look for faults in the prosecution’s case against you. Our preference, where possible, is to seek to have a prosecution withdrawn before it ever reaches court.

If the case is going to court, we will call upon one of the many top criminal defence barristers with whom we maintain close relationships. We will select a barrister with expertise and experience that is particularly suited to your case. The barristers we work with will bring more legal know-how and a new perspective to your defence.

We will also scrutinise the circumstances surrounding your arrest and questioning, as well as any evidence-gathering related to your case. If we uncover any evidence we believe in unreliable, inadmissible or illegal, we will take immediate action.

Should you instruct us as your criminal solicitors?

That decisions is yours, but if you are looking for criminal solicitors in Leeds; you want a solicitor with experience and expertise in defending cases that were very similar to yours; and you like what you have read about the way in which we help our clients, we would be delighted to hear from you.
Please feel free to get in touch to arrange a free initial consultation, which can take place in person, by video or over the phone. You can choose the type of consultation that suits you best.
Once you have spoken to us about the specifics of your case, you will be able to make a final decision on whether you would like to instruct us as your criminal solicitors.
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