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Criminal Law Solicitors are a team of criminal defence lawyers in Leeds. We have been representing people accused of committing crimes for more than 30 years. Over that time, we have successfully defended clients facing charges of every type — and we are ready to help you.
Whatever the allegations being made against you, our criminal lawyers are ready to fight on your side. We take proactive and preventative measures to get your case dismissed before it reaches court room.
Our close scrutiny of the evidence against you, the experience and knowledge we will bring to your defence, and our strong determination to win your case are some of the reasons why our criminal defence solicitors in Leeds are ideally placed to represent you.

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What is criminal defence?

Are you accused of committing a criminal offence? Learn about how we defend clients who are in your position.

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You may be entitled to legal aid to pay for the costs of your criminal defence. Contact us to see if we can represent you for free.

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Our team of criminal defence lawyers in Leeds will bring legal expertise and a fresh perspective to your current dilemma. Let’s answer some of the questions that are playing on your mind.

If you are currently at a police station and awaiting questioning, or you know you will be arrested in the near future, we want to be there to help you. Call us on :
+44 (0) 7980 000 076 no matter what time of day or night it is.

Criminal solicitors who understand your situation You don’t have to face it alone.

Our criminal solicitors understand the difficult situation in which you find yourself at the moment. Being accused of committing a criminal offence is a horrible experience. You are probably feeling confused, isolated and worried about what the future may hold.
Even the thought of the potentially life-changing consequences of being charged with a criminal offence, especially one that carries the possibility of a lengthy jail sentence, is enough to significantly affect your quality of life.

We want to limit the damage the allegations against you might cause to your health and quality of life, and bring the matter to a successful conclusion at the earliest opportunity.
You are not alone when you have our team of criminal solicitors in Leeds on your side. We offer not only the highest quality legal advice, but also the support and communication that is equally important when fighting a criminal case. We are available 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week, so you can contact us when you need us most.

How our Leeds criminal defence solicitors can help with your case Which criminal charges are you facing?

We have acted as criminal defence solicitors for clients accused of a wide array of different crimes. Our criminal lawyers are specialists in specific areas of law, which means they have deep knowledge and vast experience of defending clients charged with offences falling within their specialism. Learn about some of the crimes and areas of criminal law in which our solicitors specialise.

Criminal defence covers a broad range of offences. Our criminal defence lawyers mainly specialise in specific areas of criminal law, but we also have criminal solicitors who deal day-to-day with the array of criminal charges that sit outside those specialisms. Our team of criminal defence lawyers will help you if you are accused of offences such as armed robbery, conspiracy to murder, death by dangerous driving, firearms offences, grievous bodily harm and human trafficking. Read more about how our criminal defence solicitors in Leeds will help you.

We have a team of experienced fraud solicitors in Leeds. If you are accused of fraud offences, such as fraud by false representation, conspiracy to defraud or fraud by failing to disclose information,

please contact our fraud lawyers as soon as possible. Read more about how our Leeds fraud solicitors will help you.

Our specialist cybercrime solicitors are experts in defending clients accused of offences, like hacking, online fraud or identify theft, and digital piracy. If you are facing charges relating to those or similar offences, get in touch with our team of cybercrime solicitors in Leeds. They have the legal and technical know-how to bring your case to a successful conclusion.

Read more about how our cybercrime lawyers will help you.

If you have been arrested for or charged with a sexual offence, our team of sexual offences solicitors in Leeds are ready to defend you and help you to get your life back on track. Our solicitors have a strong record of defending clients accused of rape, sexual assault, historic sexual offences, and other sexual offences. While you might feel some Leeds sexual offences solicitors make a judgment on you when discussing your case, you will not get that from us. We are ready to hear your side of the story and help you to put the damaging allegations behind you. Read more about how our sexual offences lawyers will help you.
Have you been arrested for drug offences, such as possession with intent to supply, conspiracy to supply, importation or cultivation of controlled drugs? If so, it would be a good idea to have a chat with our specialist drugs solicitors in Leeds, who have a wealth of experience of successfully defending clients facing drugs charges. With such serious allegations hanging over your head, you need the support of an experienced drugs lawyer who can help you bring the matter to a suitable conclusion. Read more about how our Leeds drugs solicitors will help you.
Being accused of indecent images offences immediately places a huge strain on you and your loved ones. Our team of indecent images solicitors in Leeds understand the humiliating situation in which you find yourself and want to help you. Whether you are accused of possessing, distributing or making indecent images, we have the expertise to fight the allegations on your behalf. Read more about how our indecent images lawyers will help you.

“You can only protect your liberties in this world by protecting the other man’s freedom”

– Carence Darrow

What will we do to defend you?

What our criminal defence solicitors expect to be able to achieve on your behalf depends on a host of factors. In short, the quality of the evidence against you will be a significant factor in determining what a successful conclusion to your case will look like. It could be:
Our desire to win cases is second to none. Once we know the details of your case and the weight of evidence against you collected by police, we can begin to discuss what the best possible outcome would be and start to devise a strategy that will help us to achieve that outcome for you.
As well as the evidence, the other key factor is when we become involved in the case. The earlier you contact us, the more opportunities we have to secure a successful conclusion to your case.
Learn more about our ways of working.

Let our criminal defence lawyers start working on your behalf

Our criminal solicitors are ready to advise you, support you and help you to bring your case to a successful conclusion. All it takes for us to start work on your behalf is for you to get in touch. We offer a free initial consultation, so you can get to know us and hear our thoughts on your case without making any commitment.

You can meet our criminal solicitors in Leeds in person, chat to us over a video call or talk to us on the phone — you can choose the most convenient method of contact for your situation. Our solicitors will listen to your side of the story, then start to give their input on how we can help you.

The most important thing is to contact us as soon as possible. If you are aware that you are under investigation, have agreed to be arrested or interviewed under caution or have already been arrested, please get in touch urgently. The sooner we are involved in your case, the sooner we can start defending your interests. If we are alongside you from your first police interview onwards, we are in the best position to undermine the case against you at every stage of the process.

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